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NASA has released over 10.000 pictures on flickr which were taken during Apollo missions to the moon, in both attempts to shut down conspiration theories and keep our heads closer to the sky.


While not going through my photography backlog as intended, I had to focus on some very different type of work lately. Since I’m in charge of the freediving club where I train, the other person in charge an I have been taking things in hand seriously to change the website and give it a fresh new look, as well as opening Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts.

Part of those efforts demanded to re-design a logo, therefore working predominently in Illustrator. It has been a while but was really great fun and somewhat rewarding considering the very rare graphic designs that I’ve made lately. The motto in Latin says “Ocean, guide us”, whih is taken after London’s own motto which is Domine Dirige Nos (God guide us). We thought it would be important to mark our London identity one way or another. Since the website is not yet gone live, I’ll only show here part of the work, only as much as revealed on Facebook and Twitter so far.


There is more that will be shown soon, but I don’t want to spoil anything before the club’s page goes live.

In the meantime you can check the Facebook page, the Twitter account and haveĀ  a look at pictures taken at the pool recently using a Canon 5D mkII with a single prime lens, in low light conditions using higher ISO settings than anyhting I’d have to use so far. Don’t hesitate to like the page or follow us on Twitter would you like to take interest in freediving, or just for the love of the sea.



Monique Jacques is a photojournalist based in Istanbul, who covered during the past four years events in the Middle-East.


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Beautiful work by Denver-based photographer Erin Grabosky.


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If you wonder if it has anything to do with photography, well it actually does. The clever techniques involved in this amazing melting sculpture include strobes and are inspired by zoetropes. The line between static and animated images has never been blurrier.

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If you’re deeply in love with your Windows XP system, and don’t want to hear about Windows 7 or the fancier 8, then here’s a hack that should let you get free updates until 2019.

Be well aware that it’s a hack, therefore slightly techy, not recommended by Microsoft, and barely legal. At your own risk.

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World-class historian specialized in Middle-Ages, exceptional radio host. Rest In Peace.



Recent news on the latest game engine that will be featured in upcoming games from editor Ubisoft. Or how fast real-time CG technology is coming a step closer to photorealism.

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That is: Montreal. Amazing website taking visitors on a trip to the city’s underground network of tunnels and caves.

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